Ashitaba has germinated!

Today, I am able to confirm the first germination of ashitaba! Yay!

It's been 21 days since I sowed ashitaba

It's been 21 days since I sowed ashitaba.
Usually, it is said that the germination of ashitaba is about one month.

Ashitaba has germinated
0:33 PM, temperature 14.3°C, humidity 52%

This time, I tried to divide the soil covering when sowing into 3 patterns. One with no soil cover, one with a little soil cover, and one with about 1cm of soil cover.
For this time, the first germination was about 1 cm covered with soil.

It rains a lot on Hachijojima, but it's sunny today. A very pleasant and comfortable day.
After a long time, I went to the Fureai Ranch located in the middle of Hachijo Fuji during lunch break.

the Fureai Ranch

Cows spending leisurely, calm sea and sky.

the Fureai Ranch

It was quite healed.

Today's Sunset

Today's Sunset

The daytime is getting longer little by little.
Spring is just around the corner.

(5:17 PM, February 5, 2021)